pátek 3. června 2016


Day 0 (Sunday)
After a while, I finally found the Florenc bus station. Some of my classmates were already there so I joined them. We didn’t have to wait for long, the coach arrived shortly. We got on the coach and finally set off, headed to Berlin. It was a nice journey, we even played the Counter Strike for a while. After that, we watched a hockey match between our national team and Denmark. Soon we arrived to Berlin, where we found the train that was supposed to get us to the centre of Berlin. Few stations later, we exchanged the train for the underground.  Then we arrived at the hostel, where we finally had to check in. Nice dinner followed after so later on we could go to sleep.

Day 1 (Monday)
As soon as we woke up - it was like 7 AM - we headed for breakfast. After we were done with eating, we got back to our favourite activity - Counter Strike. Hours flew by and we got on sightseeing bus. We have seen many famous Berlin sights like Berlin wall or Brandenburg gate. After few hours, we had a little lunch break, so we headed to KFC. Two hours later, we got back to our hostel. Back to our favourite activities - Counter Strike and billiard. Dinner was next and after that, we got back to our room to get ready for sleep and next day.

Day 2 (Tuesday)
Waking up early again. Sleepy and tired we got our breakfast. After like half of hour, we headed to the training centre. We used local underground - it's a lot more complicated than Prague underground. Soon we arrived to the centre and first introduction began. They showed us whole centre and then we began learning. It was really long but also interesting. Then we went back via underground to go shopping in Lidl. We got back to hostel afterwards and there we went playing billiard. Few games of billiard and Counter Strike later it was dinnertime. Then we watched film for a while and after that, we went to sleep.

Day 3 (Wednesday)
Once again, waking up extremely tired we headed for our breakfast. After that, we had little time to prepare ourselves for another day at the training centre. After a short trip by underground, we arrived to our destination. Today we were talking a lot about the routing protocols or the redundancy of the networks. We ended our lesson at about 3 PM and from there we headed to the national Berlin museum. It was a nice place however, it was a bit long for me.  Also I was really hungry. After the museum, I went with a few of my roommates - Kovi, Štěrbič and Narek - to the large shopping centre. In the end, we also visited the Dunking Donuts to grab our donut and chocolate - it was really nice. After a trip back to hostel, we went to play billiard. We also met there a nice and friendly girl from America. We talked about her High school, our home countries and lot of other topics. After a nice chat, we went back to our room and called a night.

Day 4 (Thursday)
My deep sleeping mode was interrupted by Narek’s stupid early alarm. Sleepy and tired I headed for my mug of coffee, which quickly became a must have for my every morning. After breakfast, as usual, we travelled to the learning centre. Today’s main topic were LANs, WLANs or MPLS.  Most of the information we already knew from our school, so it wasn’t hard to understand the lesson. After we were done learning, we headed back to our hostel.  We arrived pretty quickly, because another hockey match was on – our team was playing against the USA. Sadly, we lost that match. We had lot of time left, so we (Me, Domča, Štěrbič and Kovi) decided to go jogging for a while. Starting from the hostel entrance, we jogged through the park and many streets. Exhausted we returned back to the hostel to take a shower.  Dinner followed later and after that, we went playing billiard again. Few games later, we were too sleepy so we went to sleep.

Day 5 (Friday)
Friday it's there finally, so waking up was somewhat more satisfying. After fuelling myself with coffee, I headed with my group to the training centre. Today we tried to design our imaginary corporation with given budgets and requirements. After the end of the lesson, we headed to the Tegerel See, where we rented a pedal boat. It was a nice trip around the lake and we all really enjoyed it. On the way back, we grabbed few bratwursts. Long way back to the hostel, so we were happy to have dinner. In our room, we chatted for a while and then we went to play billiard. After few games, we all left to take a shower and go to sleep.

Day 6 (Saturday)
It’s Saturday, so we don’t have to wake up so early – we have breakfast at 9 AM, so plenty time for sleeping. After breakfast, we went to videogame museum. There were so many fantastic retro games, that I used to play or I always wanted to. However, there was a one game that really caught my attention. It was a game called PainStation, where you played classic pong. But it wasn’t so easy, every time you missed a ball, you got electrocuted, whipped by plastic stick or you got your hand heated. After I almost couldn’t be able to feel my hand anymore, we headed to pick our teacher Ms. Vavroušová. Then we had a little tour around Berlin with her. We also showed her the way to our hostel, because she was there for the first time. Dinner followed after and also as usual, few games of billiard. Then we went to sleep.

Day 7 (Sunday)
Another beautiful morning, when I didn’t have to wake up early. It was really sunny so after breakfast we headed to the Berlin zoo. We didn’t have the tickets for bus, so we walked all the way to the zoo. The zoo wasn’t as large as ours in Prague but it was nice anyway – lot of interesting animals that I haven’t seen for a long time. After finishing our tour around the zoo, we headed to KFC to grab our lunch. Then we decided to go to the Alexanderplatz to do the shopping in Primark – really cheap clothes shop. It was really long way and our feet weren’t feeling good. After we were done shopping we headed back to hostel. I was really tired, so I gladly accepted the dinner at the restaurant. Back at our room we played Counter Strike for a while and then we went to sleep again.

Day 8 (Monday)
Once again we have to wake up early to get our 7 AM breakfast. Even though half of us was still sleeping, we headed to the training centre. I grabbed my coffee, found my desk and started preparing for the start of the lesson. It was not bad, but I was still sleepy and tired. Fortunately, a few mugs of coffee quickly fixed this. After the end of lesson, we had plenty of time left, so we went with few of my friends and our teacher to a local basketball field. It was fun, get to sport and move after hours of sitting and staring into computer. After one hour we returned back to our room to take a shower and afterwards eat our dinner. Then, few games of Counter Strike later we called a night and went sleeping.

Day 9 (Tuesday)
Nice waking up again – three different alarms ringing, screwing up my sleep again. Breakfast coffee powered me up little bit and I was ready for another teaching lesson at the centre. Kind of interesting lesson, we installed a Windows 10 on a virtual computer. It was easy so everything went pretty well. After the end of the lesson we went to Naturkunde museum – no, it wasn’t a human body exhibition as almost everyone thought, but a museum of nature. I really enjoyed it, also because I was in a group with few of my friends and our teacher who often explained to us many things we didn’t know or we were curious about. There were many animals, including dissected mammals or birds. The excursion continued with skeletons of dinosaurs (there was a really huge one – T-rex called Tristan) and at the end, planets and the Space. At the end, we headed straight to the restaurant for dinner. After dinner we played Counter Strike for a while and then we went sleeping.

Day 10 (Wednesday)
I still don’t get why our room has like 4 alarms set to ring at the same time. Whatever, it’s time to grab my breakfast and prepare my stuff for learning. Shortly after, we headed to the centre. Same as always, as soon as I arrived I grabbed coffee and went learning again. Today we were ending little bit earlier, because we were going later to the Berlin’s Olympique stadium. It was really huge and there were many other playfields like pool, 2 football fields. We have also taken a peek to inside of the stadium – from VIP lounge to changing rooms and showers. I really enjoyed it. Then, we headed for our dinner at hostel. Billiard and Counter Strike followed after and then we went to sleep.

Day 11 (Thursday)
Morning again. Why can’t they just let me to sleep whole day? Anyway, I went for my breakfast and prepared everything for upcoming lesson. Today we will be finishing our project – designing a network, once again, but this time we will have to make a presentation and on Friday present it to the others. Time flew by extremely fast, because we were working all the time. For me, it was more interesting than learning the regular way. After the lesson, we headed to the hostel. I didn’t have anything planned, so I was mostly playing billiard or relaxing. Dinner at the restaurant followed after and then sleeping.

Day 12 (Friday)
Woking up, realizing this is the last day at the training centre. Morning coffee kicked me up and I was ready for a presentation day at the training centre. When we arrived, we still had 2 hours to finish our presentations. Then everyone started presenting. It was quite long and I almost had my presentation at the end of our lesson. Even our lecturer looked tired and I understood him. After that, we got our certificates and took a final photo. Shopping time followed after, we visited Primark at the Alexandrplatz and some shops on the Podstdamer Platz. Back to our hostel, we had to pack up our stuff and get ready for leaving Berlin tomorrow. After dinner and a billiard tournament, we went to sleep.

Day 13 (Sunday)
It’s departure day – we had to clean our rooms after the breakfast and then head to the bus station to board our coach. Au revoir Berlin, now we are heading back to Prague. It didn’t take too long and we were, after 2 weeks, back in Prague. Strange feeling, huh? Anyway, we picked up our luggage and everyone headed its way.

Václav Král, I3.B

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