sobota 19. ledna 2013

Our Christmas project has just finished...

Read our students´remarks about the project and enjoy it J.

Vánoční balíček
Our class started a new international project: Christmas Journal. We worked on Wednesdays. In this project there were many schools from many countries. For example: Croatia, Sweden, Slovakia, Portugal, Cyprus and Poland. This project was good.
Filip Musil, E2.A

First we sent mails, where we introduced and presented our hobbies (sports…), our school and added a profile photo to our profiles in Twinspace (eTwinning).
Ondřej Linha, E2.A

We wrote about Czech life and traditions at Christmas. I with Marek, we made a crossword with English words with Christmas theme. Other students made recipes of traditional Czech Christmas meals. It was a very good project. English was very funny with this project. I would like to do a project next year.
Kristián Kříž, E2.A

We were chatting with schools from Croatia and Sweden and sent messages…
Petr Urban, E2.A

Before Christmas we went to Wenceslaw square to make a video about Christmas markets in Prague. We were asking people about their opinion on Prague. We went to see Astronomical Clock named „Orloj“, it is one of the sights of  Prague. We tried to show the beauty of the Czech Republic to the others.
Michal Polívka, E2.A

We sent Christmas sweets to students from Croatia and they sent us chocolate.
Martin Kučera, E2.A

I am proud of our project. It´s a funny way to learn English. I liked that project.
Martin Mach, E2.A

All class liked the project. We discussed the project during breakfast, because we liked it.
Radek Singer, E2.A

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