středa 8. června 2016

Deník stáže v Berlíně

1st day – Sunday

Today I woke up at 10 o’clock. I went into a shower and packed few more things. I packed most of my stuff yesterday.  I have met my classmates at Florenc and we set off. Unfortunately we had to leave one of us behind, because he had forgotten ID card. Seats in a couch had electric sockets, so we started playing Counter-Strike 1.6 through our own Access Point, but playing in a couch is unpleasant. Therefore we stopped, for now. After five hours we arrived to Berlin. Two people have picked us at bus station and lead us to our youth hostel. Firstly we have settled in the hostel. Secondly we went to an Italian restaurant for a dinner. Lastly we played Counter-Strike again until midnight.

2nd day – Monday

I couldn’t fall asleep due to Mark´s snoring.  We had to be ready for breakfast at 7 AM. Breakfast was great, but everybody was tired, except our teacher. Germany was celebrating holiday and every shop was closed. We had a tour around the city. We were terrified, because we were expecting a walk around Berlin, but the bus has come for us and drove us around city. We enjoyed it.  We stopped by Brandenburg Gate, Jewish memorial and Berlin Wall. I didn’t expected much. In my opinion it is only old wall, however there was a writing “God is Black” what took my curiosity. The bus took us back at 1 o’clock to our hotel. We didn’t have any lunch and every shop was closed.  The weather was cloudy, so we stayed inside our hotel. We spent our time by watching serial Rick and Morty. In the evening we had dinner – schnitzel. After dinner we played Counter-Strike again.

3rd day – Tuesday
I fell asleep first, so I had a good sleep. Alarm at 6:55 AM is awful, nonetheless today was our first day at the training centre. Our teacher was teaching us about basic networking. Most of us had already known it all. He tried to focus the lesson on a practical part. For example designing a network in a company, it was very interesting. In the afternoon we went back to our hostel, where we had dinner. We played Counter-Strike again. Unfortunately, for the last time. My notebook broke down.

4th day – Wednesday
The key to a good sleep is to fall asleep as first. In a room with 8 people it is crucial. We woke up at 6:55 AM and we had breakfast. After breakfast we went to the training centre. This time he was teaching us basic routing. We had known it from our school. Our school prepared us very well. I think our German teacher didn’t expect it. After our training we went into a historical museum. I expected to see some interesting things from the WWII, but I was disappointed. We could see a lot of posters, however I was expecting German tanks like Tiger, but they showed us Trabi. The most interesting thing from the museum was destroyed engine from British bomber.

5th day – Thursday
We woke up at 6:55 AM. We had breakfast and went to school. Today´s lesson was about vlans. We studied it few months ago in our school, so it was easy. We played pool at our hostel. We had to pay in order to play. Later we were having fun at our rooms.

6th day – Friday
The alarm rang at 6: 55 AM and we went for breakfast. We were designing a company network in the training centre and everybody enjoyed it. After school we went to a lake, where we rented few boats. Roman got seasick.

7th day – Saturday
Our breakfast was at 9 o’clock and it was awesome. After breakfast we went to the Games museum, where we could play old games, see a Gordon Freeman statue or play pain station. It was ping pong and if you got a goal, you were shocked or slapped. When we could feel our hands anymore, then we welcomed our teacher at a bus station and showed her Brandenburg Gate. On our way back to hostel we stopped by Jewish memorial.

8th day – Sunday
Breakfast was served pleasantly at 9 o’clock again. We have walked to the zoo, where we could see all kinds of animals, even pigeons.  After the zoo we went to Alexanderplatz, where we could buy clothes in Primark. As far as I know, we walked over 15 kilometres. In the evening we were tired.

9th day – Monday
After a good breakfast we went to the training centre and finished our companies. Our teacher told us, what we did wrong and what we did well. After school, we returned back to our hostel, where we could relax. In the evening we had dinner in an Italian restaurant.

10th day – Tuesday
We were looking what hardware to buy for our companies. In the afternoon we went to the museum Naturkunde. It is a natural history museum. On the one hand, there were all kinds of the interesting dinosaurs, but on the other hand there were boring rocks. We could see T-Rex, how the space has been made and a lot of stuffed animals. There was a big room with large bottles and inside them were dead fish, or something like that. I got chills, when I saw it.

11th day – Wednesday
Our teacher gave us task to do our own company. I was a final project for next days. In the afternoon we went to the Olympiastadium, which was very interesting. At first glance the stadium looked small, but it has a capacity of 75 000 seats. We had guided tour by very sympathetic man. We could sit on VIP seats and see teams changing rooms and so on.

12th day – Thursday
We started to work on our projects. We had to design a new network for a company, buy equipment and make presentations. I have been doing network for a Pharmaceutical Research Ltd., I had to fit into a specified budget and it gave me great experience about my possible work in the future. After dinner in an Italian restaurant we walked around the city by foot with our teacher. Some of us stayed at hostel, but I found it boring, so I went with our teacher.

13th day – Friday
Today was our last day at school. We presented our projects and we received certificates. In the afternoon we headed to the Alexanderplatz, where we went shopping. Most of us bought clothes in Primark. Later we went to Postdamerplatz, where is big shopping mall. In the evening we packed most of our stuff for tomorrow.

14th day – Saturday

We woke up at 7 am, got breakfast and we started to clean our rooms. After one hour of cleaning we left. The bus took us back to Prague. I enjoyed those two wonderful weeks.

Tomáš Vecko, I3.C

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