středa 4. října 2017


(17th September – 23rd September 2017)

Sunday and Monday

Our journey to England began in front of our school, Úžlabina, on Sunday. We got on the bus and went towards London. We travelled across Germany, Belgium and France. In Calais we get on the ferry and we crossed the Channel to Dover. There we got on the bus once again and went to London. We arrived there at about 8 am and we walked to Westminster Bridge, where we had an amazing view of sights like Big Ben or the Westminster Abbey. We also could see the London Eye. We were hungry after the long journey, so we visited near McDonald and ate there. Then, with full stomachs, we crossed the bridge looking forward to what London was planning for us.

We got on the bus again, this time not ours, but the different one, and took a guided tour with Mrs. Líba. She is the tour guide in London, originally from the Czech Republic, and she has lived in London for 40 years. We saw many and many sights during the guided tour; for example Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace (we were also the witnesses of the guards changing), Trafalgar Square, plenty of cathedrals and many more. After the guided tour, we said goodbye to Mrs. Líba and headed to Hyde Park, where we had some time to take a rest and do the shopping in Oxford Street. In the evening, we left London for Oxford, where we finally met our substitute families.

Michal Lenc, E3.A


On Tuesday, we were at school for the first time. We were divided into 3 groups and we enjoyed lessons with English teachers. In the afternoon, we went to Stratford upon Avon. Stratford is the home town of William Shakespeare and it was wonderful. First, we visited the house where W. Shakespeare was born and then the church in this town, where W. Shakespeare is buried together with his family. We spent the whole afternoon there and we liked it there very much.

Libor Bednář, E3.A


On Wednesday morning we were at school, which already was something like a routine for us. We had three English lessons, as usual. For example, we were talking about the differences between British, American and Australian slang. We learnt some new worlds like „grand “(one thousand pounds), „knackered “(very tired), „tucker “(food) and so forth.

We left the school at about 12:00. Then we went to the center of Oxford by bus. There we had some free time for shopping and after that we went with English tour guide for a walk in Oxford. We were in Christ Church college, where the Harry Potter movie was filmed, we saw Bodleian Library, where you can find about 11 million books. Then we took a boat ride along the river Thames. It was very delightful ride.

Michal Lenc & Petr Nechvátal, E3.A


On Thursday we were, as usual, at school from 8:30 to 11:30. We learnt some new things like vocal vowels. At the end of the lessons we received certificates. Then we went by bus to Birmingham to Jaguar factory. We saw how models XF and XJ are made there. We were divided into 4 groups and together with the local guides we set off on a tour. It was very interesting and educational, but we were not allowed to take pictures there. The weather was rainy, but we didn´t mind as we spent the entire day in the factory.

Petr Nechvátal, E3.A

Friday and Saturday

On Friday, we were in London again. We saw a lot of interesting building and monuments in the City of London. We also went on a river bus called Clipper from O2 to London Bridge. There we were admiring the Tower Bridge and the Tower. In the afternoon, we went by the clipper to Greenwich. It was our last day in England. In the evening, we returned to the bus and went home.

On Saturday, we were on the bus on our way home, everyone was very tired. We arrived in Prague in the afternoon.

Sigi de Beuckelaer, E3.A

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