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Diary – England and Scotland 2015

Day 1 – Thursday
Our trip began at Prague main railway station (Prague hl.n). There, after all student gathered, we got on couch. Our first stop was in Rozvadov, where we could be some food or go on WC – that was our last stop in Czech Rep. for some time. Next stop was at some German gas station, the same scenario as in Rozvadov. Then, I fall asleep.

Day 2 – Friday
When I woke up, I realised, that we must be close to Brussels – and it was true. When we arrived to Brussels, it was like 5 AM. First, we went by underground to centre of Brussels and there we went sightseeing. We saw lot of interesting places like, EU plaza, Mini-Europe or Atomium. In the evening, we got on our coach and headed to Calais. In Calais, we slept in formula hotel.

Day 3 – Saturday
In the morning, we left Calais and headed to Euro Tunnel. Unfortunately, some refugees decided to take a walk-trip in it so we had to go by ferry. We arrived to Dover and then drove all the way to London. We stayed there until evening and we have seen many amazing places like Big Ben, London Eye and plenty of cathedrals. Some of us went to Arsenal stadium on excursion. It was nice place, but we had to move on – to Scotland.

Day 4 – Sunday
We finally arrived to Edinburg and went to large castle in the centre of the town. There was a nice view on Edinburg. After visiting castle, we have time to walk through the town freely. Later that day we went on hill near by the town with, again, nice view on town from different angle. In the evening, we arrived to our hotel.

Day 5 – Monday
Another day and we are headed to Stirling. Similar but smaller town with large castle. There were some nice expositions in it and you could see the Wallace Monument from the walls of castle. Then, we went to Loch Lomond but it was raining so we didn’t stay for long. On the way back to Edinburg, we have seen a huge boat lift in Falkirk. In the evening, we finally got back to our hotel.

Day 6 – Tuesday
Leaving Scotland, we headed to York, where we visited local cathedral. Then, we had some time to see some other places in town or buy food. Then, we left York and drove towards Cambridge – however we didn’t stop there. In evening, we arrived to Euro Tunnel. No refugees wandering inside today, so we boarded pretty easily. At 11 PM, we arrived to hotel in Calais.

Day 7 – Wednesday
Trip from Calais to Paris. We got there before noon, so we had plenty of time to visit and see places like Eiffel’s Tower, bridges of Seine or Les Invalides. I have to say that view from Eiffel’s tower was amazing, especially at night. From the Eiffel’s tower we went on short boat trip on Seine, which was cool too. Then, we got on our coach and headed back to Prague.

Day 8 – Thursday

We arrived it the Czech Republic  pretty quickly through Germany and Amberg. Also, we had again a short stop in Rozvadov. We were back where we started – Prague’s main railway station.

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