středa 21. října 2015


First day we were leaving Prague by bus and travelling to the Belgium. It was a long journey. We travelled during night. It was very uncomfortable in bus.

We got to Brussels Second day in the morning. We got off the bus and travel by underground to the centre of Brussels. We visited most important sights like European parliament or peeing boy. In the evening we travelled to Calais. We slept in small hotel.

Third day we should went to England by Eurotunnel, but refugees attack it so we had to travel by boat. It was very great experience. When we got to London we saw centre like Big Ben, Westminster abbey or London eye. London at night was very nice. In the evening we get in the bus and travel to Edinburgh.

We have travelled at night again Fourth day and it was very tiring too. We get to Edinburgh in the morning. We visited Edinburgh castle. Than we have free time so we saw Edinburgh centre. In the evening we got to hostel where we spent a night.

Next day in Edinburgh, day number 5 was great. We visited castle Stirling, mount from where we saw whole city and Lake Loch Lomon. We bought something for dinner and went back to hostel. We spent another night in Edinburgh.

Day Number 6 was travel day. We were whole day in bus. We have travelled through Cambridge to Folkestone, where we went to the Eurotunnel. Than we got to Calais and there we spent night.

Last day we travelled from early morning and we visited Paris. Paris is very gorgeous, we have seen Notre-Dame, Les Invalides etc. In the evening we saw Eiffel tower. At the end we attended sightseeing cruise on Seine. After that we got to the bus and came back to the Czech Republic through Germany, Amberg.

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